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Very Exceptional SAP FI/CO Solution Architect With 14 Years Of SAP Experience
SAP Simple Finance certified

veteran with 15 years of

implementation experience

Extremely experienced

in teaching new students step by step

Will teach you from

a different simplified

dimension from SAP official training

If you are eager to learn SAP and looking for a good training, your search may end here.

I am the best trainer you have been looking for. Fifteen years ago I was like you searching for a good training to learn SAP. I signed up for the expensive SAP official training with SAP academy and realized that the training style of SAP is not best suited for the new students. This is apparent when many of us who attended the course were not able to handle SAP projects in real life. This is because the way how the concepts are taught in the training.

Over time, I started to formulate a secret training recipe to teach SAP to any new comer in the easiest way possible without using the complicated jargons. I came up with my own real life examples and teach the concepts in a different dimension altogether. I make it a point to use simple examples every time I need to explain about a concept. Since each concept is explained using an example, the trainee was able to relate the concept with the real life example easily.

The other issue I noticed with SAP trainings is, they attempt to teach every single SAP feature which is just way too much for a new comer. In my method I focus only on the main concepts first, bring the trainee up to a level and then branch out to the detail matters. In this way the trainee is first equipped with overall SAP knowledge before taking a deep dive into deeper topics. This is aka laying the big trunk road first in an unchartered territory before laying the small side roads. This will ensure, no matter where you are lost, you can still catch back the main trunk road with ease. Hence knowing the fundamental SAP system pathway thoroughly is the key in my SAP training.

Now with a little investment, I am going to share my secret training recipe with you and break the complexity of SAP training to the bare minimum! Here is my promise, if you can just spend 40 hours of your time with me under my training program, you are going to change your career once for all good.

Everything can be learned, be confident

if you can’t explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough

- albert einstein

See this comparison and decide yourself!

SAP Explanation About Profit Center

A profit center is an organizational unit in accounting that reflects a management-oriented structure of the organization for the purpose of internal control.

You can analyze operating results for profit centers using either the cost-of-sales or the period accounting approach.

By calculating the fixed capital as well, you can use your profit centers as investment centers.

- Source SAP Documentation


My Explanation About Profit Center

A profit center is used to separate the revenues and costs according to a particular category.

For example if a company makes both cars and trucks, we can use one profit center for cars and another for trucks to separate the revenues and expenses by cars and trucks.

- Source My Secret Recipe For SAP Training

I have explained the same
concept way better using just

This clearly proves the different training dimension I will be using to conduct the training.
You are certainly in good hands with me to complete your SAP consulting dream.

No such thing as
bad student, only bad teacher!

- Miyagi, Karate Kid


The class will start within 30 days or earlier after registration. We need a minimum of 2 students to start the class otherwise the class will be cancelled and fully refunded. You may also introduce students and get 20% commission.


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